Green Chemical Alternatives Purchasing Wizard

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Abstract:Developed by MIT with EPA funding, the Green Chemical Alternatives Wizard is a web-based tool that provides information on chemical alternatives to hazardous solvents and substances commonly used in research laboratories. The Wizard is a guided process that allows the user to search from a select list of solvents commonly used in the laboratory, and the associated process. The Wizard identifies less hazardous and more environmentally benign chemicals or processes that may be substituted, and provides journal references as well as URLs to information that is available online. Users may print article information or have email sent with the URL for the article reference. The Wizard is available to anyone with Internet access, and runs on both Mac and PC. To run the Wizard, you will need a Macromedia Flash player, which may be downloaded for free.


Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Resource Type: Software/electronic tool

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