Minnesota Passes Strongest E-waste Bill in U.S.

Abstract:This press release from the Computer TakeBack Campaign describes producer responsibility legislation passed in Minnesota in 2007 which requires electronics manufacturers to pay for collection and recycling of electronic waste from households. This is the first bill in the country to set actual targets for how much equipment the manufacturers must take back and recycle, measured as a percent of the products they are selling in the state. The bill requires each manufacturer that sells TVs, computer monitors and laptops in Minnesota to collect and recycle an amount proportional to the weight of their products sold in the state during the previous year. They must collect 60 percent of the weight during the first program year, increasing to 80 percent thereafter. The type of products manufacturers can collect to meet this target includes monitors, TVs and laptops, including computer CPUs, printers and keyboards; fax machines; and DVD players. The program is expected to collect 28 to 29 million pounds of e-waste in 2008.

URL: http://www.productstewardship.net/PDFs/policiesElectronicsMinnPR05-09-07.pdf

Source: Computer TakeBack Campaign

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