A Community Guide to Environmental Health

Abstract:Drawing the connections between people's health and the environments in which we live, this book empowers health promoters, development workers, educators, activists, community leaders and ordinary people to take charge of their communities' health. This comprehensive guide has twenty-three chapters which break down the broad overview of environmental issues and concerns into specific examples of how they affect peoples' health, and how communities have organized to improve their environment and thus their own lives. These chapters include: Promoting Environmental Health; Environmental Rights and Justice; Protecting Community Water; Building Toilets; Mining and Health; Solid Waste: Turning a Health Risk into a Resource; Preventing and Reducing Harm from Toxics; Sustainable Farming; Restoring Land and Planting Trees, The False Promise of Genetically-Engineered Foods; and Clean Energy. Eighty-two specific stories from communities around the world are included. The book also includes 22 activities and 40 easy-to-build "how-to" projects.

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