Greening Consumer Electronics: Moving Away from Bromine and Chlorine

Abstract:Electronics manufacturers, standards bodies, and legislators have begun to take notice of the Report coverhuman health and environmental concerns associated with the use of brominated and chlorinated compounds in electronic products. An array of conflicting definitions and policies have emerged to address these concerns at various levels. This report is intended to show the feasibility of re-engineering consumer electronic products to avoid the use of these compounds and recommends a definition to address human health and environmental concerns that is implementable by industry. CPA and ChemSec have compiled case studies that provide examples of seven companies that have removed most forms of bromine and chlorine from their product lines. The purpose of this report is to allow parties outside the industry to see the level of conformance that can be met today, as well as provide a tool for engineers designing the next generation of greener electronic devices.


Source: Clean Production Action

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