Oregon House Bill 2626(application/pdf Object)

Abstract:Establishes statewide system administered by Department of Environmental Quality for collection, transportation and recycling of certain electronic devices. Requires manufacturers of covered electronic devices to register for participation in manufacturer program or contractor program. Requires manufacturer or group of manufacturers to provide collection sites. Directs department to provide consumer information explaining system for recycling covered electronic devices. Requires retailers to display and provide consumers with information on system for recycling covered electronic devices. Prohibits charging of fee for collection of covered electronic devices, with exception for collectors who provide premium service. Authorizes Environmental Quality Commission to adopt rules to implement system for recycling covered electronic devices. Establishes Covered Electronic Devices Account. Continuously appropriates moneys in account to Department of Environmental Quality to pay costs of implementing recycling system and enforcing disposal prohibitions. Imposes civil penalty for disposal of, or knowingly accepting for disposal, covered electronic devices at solid waste disposal site. Imposes civil penalties for other violations of provisions related to collection and recycling of electronic devices. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

URL: http://www.leg.state.or.us/07reg/measpdf/hb2600.dir/hb2626.a.pdf

Source: State of Oregon

Resource Type: Article/report

Date of Publication: Not Available