Wireless…The New Recyclable

Abstract:CTIA - The Wireless Association and its member companies are committed to the goal of sustainable development and the environmentally sound management of end-of-life wireless products. CTIA's members that manufacture mobile devices are continually designing their products to be smaller, lighter and ever-more environmentally friendly. For example, handset manufacturers are phasing out the use of cadmium and lead. CTIA and its member companies have also designed and launched a comprehensive national recycling program, Wireless& The New Recyclable™, a program pursuant to which companies collect used mobile devices, recycle or refurbish them, and raise consumer awareness of the fact that their used mobile devices are in fact recyclable products.

URL: http://www.ctia.org/advocacy/position_papers/index.cfm/AID/10307

Source: CTIA - The Wireless Association

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