Recycling End-of-Life Electronics: Factors to Consider in Choosing a Recycling Option

Abstract:When recycling CRTs and electronic discards, it is important to choose a reputable recycling market or recycling vendor. Make sure that the company recycling the equipment emphasizes environmentally sound procedures and that it will provide documentation of the materials handled. The export of whole electronic products has become particularly controversial with recent documentation of harmful recycling techniques in some countries. Exporting is not necessarily a harmful practice, but generators should ask for as much detail as possible from market vendors on the precise disposition of materials. The following are things to look for in an electronics recycler. When contracting for these services, or looking for a place to take your old gear, use this checklist to assist in making an informed decision.


Source: N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

Resource Type: Fact sheet/checklist

Date of Publication: Not Available