EIME (Environmental Improvement Made Easy) Life Cycle Assessment Tool

Abstract:With its ergonomic interface, sectoral databases and low cost, Bureau Veritas CODDE's EIME - Environmental Improvement Made Easy has popularised environmental analysis. EIME is more than a software programme, it is a referential that lets you easily perform your Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and your eco-design projects in compliance with international programmes and standards. Based on a robust structure and widely used since 1996, the 5th generation of EIME is a web application that offers increased accessibility and is easily adaptable to the structure and size of your business. This presentation describes this LCA tool, its benefits, the database it uses, licenses, and related demos and webinars.

URL: http://www.codde.fr/en/lca-software.com/193_presentation.html

Source: Bureau Veritas CODDE

Resource Type: Software/electronic tool

Date of Publication: Not Available