CMLCA: scientific software for LCA

Abstract:CMLCA is a software tool that supports the calculation of:

  • life cycle assessment (LCA), including social life cycle assessment (SLCA) and life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA)
  • input-output analysis (IOA), including environmental input-output analysis (EIOA)
  • life cycle costing (LCC) and eco-efficiency analysis (E/E)
  • hybrid LCA, combining LCA and EIOA

CMLCA is intended to support the technical steps of the tools described. It does not support the procedural aspects, like peer review, involvement of stakeholders, quality assurance and usefulness of the analysis for the decision at stake. The program assumes that the user is aware of the basic principles of LCA, IOA, etc. The CMLCA tool may be downloaded at the URL listed.


Source: Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University

Resource Type: Software/electronic tool

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