Sustainable Electronics Campus Consortium--University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI) and its host agency, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), are coordinating meetings of individuals interested in fostering research, education, and policy related to sustainable electronics on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The foundational meeting was held at ISTC headquarters in Champaign, IL on October 2, 2013. Meetings are arranged around the broad topics of research, education, and operations; some meetings may represent an overlap of one or more of these themes. SEI/ISTC will provide minutes, meeting scheduling information and relevant documents for these groups on this web page, to assist in organization and sharing of information among interested parties on campus.

If you are a member of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus community, and would like to receive information about the Sustainable Electronics Campus Consortium and upcoming meetings, please contact Joy Scrogum via email or at 217-333-8948 to be added to the mailing list. You should also contact Joy if you belong to another U of I campus community and would like to participate in meetings remotely to learn more and discuss ways that your campus can coordinate similar efforts.

Consortium members are encouraged to visit the SEI Blog and subscribe to it via email, as well as to follow SEI on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about SEI projects and sustainable electronics issues in general.

If you are interested in other sustainability efforts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, please contact either Ben McCall, Associate Director for Campus Sustainability via email or phone at 217-244-0230, or Morgan Johnston, Associate Director for Sustainability with UI Facilities and Services (F&S), via email or at 217-333-2668. Also, visit the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Portal and the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) web site. Subscribing to the iSEE E-newsletter is a great way to learn about sustainability events, job openings, conferences, and funding opportunties on campus and in the community.

Below is a chronological list of meetings and associated information, from most recent (at the top) to the foundational meeting. Look for the color-coded words Research, Education, and Operations as indications of the theme(s) to which a particular meeting related.

11/17/15: Illini Gadget Garage Update

See for a blog post summarizing the current state of the project/issues discussed at the meeting.

8/5/15: Illini Gadget Garage Discussion

The main purpose of this meeting was for consortium members to learn about more about and discuss the Illini Gadget Garage project. Read a summary of the meeting. This meeting related to Education.

11/18/14: Introduction to the State Electronics Challenge

SEI collaborated with the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR) to organize this presentation by Lynn Rubinstein of the State Electronics Challenge, a voluntary national program, free of charge and open to any state, tribal, regional, or local government agency, as well as any K-12 school or non-profit organization. The SEC promotes environmental stewardship of computers, monitors, and imaging equipment -- from purchasing green office equipment through power management, paper use reduction, and responsible end-of-life management -- resulting in measurable reductions in energy, greenhouse gases, solid and hazardous waste, and associated costs. The goal of the webinar was to illustrate how your organization can join the Challenge and benefit from the program's proven free technical assistance, action plan, implementation tools, and environmental benefit calculations. ISTC, SEI's parent organization, has joined the SEC, as has Engineering IT Shared Services here on the UI campus. If you wish to learn how your unit can join, view the archived webinar, along with slides and links to supporting materials on the GLRPPR web site. This webinar is related to Operations.

10/21/14: Sustainable Electronics for Purchasers

Joy Scrogum of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center's Sustainable Electronics Initiative discussed topics related to electronic devices and greener procurement, including purchase avoidance, reuse, repairing instead of replacing, supply chain issues (e.g. conflict minerals), and resources to help make more responsible choices. This webinar, which took place at 9 AM on Tuesday, October 21, was a presentation for the IL Green Governments Coordinating Council Procurement Subcommittee, but was open to other interested parties. A PDF version of Joy's slides are available at View the archived webinar at Note: If you are unable to open the webinar recording and receive a message saying your version of Windows Media Player does not have the proper "codec" to play the file, you may download the GoToMeeting Codec at This webinar is related to Operations.

9/26/14: Update on BC Green Initiative Printer Cartridge Recycling

Students from the Illinois Business Council's Green Initiative provided an update for the SEI blog on their printer cartridge recycling/fundraising program through Funding Factory. Read the blog post at If your registered student organization, office, or campus unit would like to set up a similar program, be sure to read the referral information included in the post. This information is related to Operations.

6/24/14: How to Navigate the EPEAT Registry (State Electronics Challenge)

SEI hosted a screening of a State Electronics Challenge (SEC) webinar providing a demonstration of how to use the online EPEAT registry to find greener electronics. A recording of the webinar is publically available on the State Electronics Challenge webinar page. From the SEC website: "This recording of the interactive webinar demonstrates how to use the EPEAT Registry to find greener electronics. The webinar leads you through the EPEAT Search functions, from the basic search to more advanced options, including criteria-based searches, filtering results, exceptions, and comparing products. You will also learn tips and tricks that will help you sift through the 3,000+ products registered with EPEAT." This webinar is related to Operations.

6/19/14: The iFixit Technical Writing Project

iFixit is a "global community of people helping each other repair things," and its website ( is described as the "free repair guide for everything, written by everyone." The company fosters sustainability by promoting and facilitating repair and reuse. Brittany McCrigler, coordinator of iFixit's Technical Writing Project ( will provide an overview and answer questions about the program, which partners with universities throughout the US to teach repair and technical writing. ISTC's Joy Scrogum used the program as a final project option in the Spring 2014 course ENG/TE 498 "Sustainable Technology: Environmental and Social Impacts of Innovations." The results are online guides that students can feature in their portfolios, which can help extend the useful life of products. Learn how to incorporate this unique real world exercise into existing courses or student organizations. View the archived webinar here. This meeting was related to Education.

4/9/14: Microphone Inductive Charger Project

This meeting took place from 1-2 pm at ISTC, and feature UI senior Katie Kinley describing her concept for an inductive charger for microphone packs used in UI lecture halls. She entered this concept in the 2013 International Sustainable Electronics Competition administered by SEI, but did not place. SEI/ISTC approached Katie to assist in developing a prototype of her concept. The purpose of this meeting was to connect Katie with key campus contacts who might be interested in "real world" testing of her device to see if it could genuinely reduce battery waste, labor, and costs for the University. Updates on this project will be shared via the SEI Blog as they become available. PDF of Katie Kinley's PowerPoint Slides. This meeting related to Operations and Education (in terms of student involvement).

2/19/14: Campus Electronics Recycling Procedures

This meeting related to Operations and Education (in terms of raising awareness). Jeff Weaver, of University Property Accounting and Reporting, outlined campus procedures for proper end-of-life management of electronic devices. Bart Bartels of Facilities and Services discussed an upcoming e-waste collection event for the campus community for non-University owned devices. Joy Scrogum of ISTC provided nformation on other community electronics recycling opportunities to raise awareness among faculty, staff and students on how to handle their personal electronics. To view the recording of this meeting, which was simultaneously broadcast as a webinar, go to You will be asked to provide your email address and fill out a form as if registering for a webinar. You'll then be able to view the recorded webinar. Note that some speakers were softer spoken or further away from the microphone than others; you may need to turn up the volume on your computer speakers to hear better at certain points in the recordning. Below are links documents related to the presentations, as well as a PDF version of Joy Scrogum's slides.

Links & Documents Related to Electronics Recycling on UI Campus (University-owned Devices)

OBFS online resources

CITES data-wiping resources (Urbana campus)

State of Illinois/CMS online resources

Facilities & Services Waste Management and Recycling (Urbana campus): Includes links to information on battery recycling and fluorescent lamp recycling.

E-Cycle Mania Event Information (Urbana Campus, Peronally-owned electronics, 3/18/14):

Champaign County Electronics Recycling Guide (Personally-owned electronics):

PDF of Joy Scrogum's Slides on Community Electronics Recycling Resources

1/13/14: Relevant Activities at GSLIS

This meeting took place from 2-3 pm at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS). Read a summary of the meeting. The meeting related to Education and Research.

11/20/13: Sustainable Electronics Sponsored Research Discussion

Nancy Holm, SEI Co-Coordinator and head of the Sponsored Research Program, lead a discussion of potential sustainable electronics research areas to consider for inclusion in the next ISTC Sponsored Research Program solicitation. The meeting was held from 2-3 pm at ISTC. Questions may be submitted to Nancy Holm. This meeting related to the theme of Research.

10/2/13: Foundational Meeting

  • Minutes
  • Attendees
  • Overview PowerPoint (PDF). Note: If there were presenter notes associated with a slide, you will see a small icon in the upper left hand corner of the slide which looks like a speech bubble. Click on the speech bubble to view the presenter's notes. You may need to open the document with Adobe Acrobat to view the notes if they do not display properly in your browser. This meeting related to all three themes: Research, Education, and Operations.